We tried Ocean Salt by Lush ! (Regular VS self-preserving alcohol free version)

Are you a big fan of Lush like Ascia Akf (and myself)? If you are, you probably know already this flagship product. Ocean Salt is one of the best Face and Body Scrub. I’ve tried (and finished) the self-preserving Alcohol-free version and the regular not self-preserving with alcohol version. Which one is the best? Let me tell you.

If you don’t know there are 4 versions of Ocean Salt:

Ocean Salt

Ocean Salt Self Preserving

Ocean Salt Alcohol-free

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving & Alcohol-Free

  • Face Scrub:

The Smell!! The smell is incredible and has a good adherence. The skin is smooth, soft and leaves a clear skin. I have normal skin and it doesn’t burn or sting. Though some people reported that it was a little bit itchy and it may be harsh on sensitive skin.

However, you have to moisturize your skin after with a dime-size of oil or cream. I’ve noticed it was too aggressive for my skin and small spots appeared after the use. You know how it works. You have one annoying spot the first day, three the next day and you need a week or two to get rid of all of them.

  • Body Scrub :

Leaves you with a soft skin, not aggressive at all. My skin wasn’t dry afterward. It’s one of the best scrubs I’ve used on my body. I’ll probably buy it again. I can’t stop touching my legs after using it. (Also, I force people around me to do so)

If you have ingrown hairs or Keratosis Pilaris, it’s amazing. You’ll have a soft skin and less chicken skin use after the first use.

It leaves a layer on the skin that I personally don’t like. Water is not enough to remove it, so I just use a soft soap to remove it. Also, if you like to have a burning hot shower, some of the salt crystals may melt.

  • Which one is the best?

I didn’t notice a big difference between the two. However, my skin is less dry with the alcohol-free version. I’ve used it for a month or more and the product hasn’t changed. I’ll probably buy again the self-preserving alcohol-free version

The smellLeaves a small layer
Good for ingrown hair and keratosis pilarisCould be aggressive
Smooth, soft and clear skinA little expensive*
Prolonged use (1month for weekly use) 
Clean and natural ingredients 

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