The Ultimate Guide To Waking Up For Fajr (10 Easy Tips)

The Ultimate Guide To Waking Up For Fajr (10 Easy Tips)

Imagine finally falling asleep after a long day with the covers wrapped tightly around your cold body. You’re having a wonderful dream about whatever (for me, it definitely had to be Turkish dramas) when suddenly, BEEP BEEP BEEP. That my friends, is the horror of waking up for Fajr. Okay, okay, okay, I may have exaggerated but there’s no doubt that waking for Fajr isn’t always an easy task. It is obligatory to pray 5 times a day, and Fajr is no exception. Leaving the comfort of your own bed to stand before Allah at 5 in the morning can be a bit tricky but praying Fajr on time protects you from Shaytaan (Satan) and provides many blessings and rewards in this life and hereafter. And who doesn’t want Allah’s protection throughout their day, let alone from hellfire? Some things are easier said than done though but with these 10 easy tips, you’ll be up in no time.

1. Sleep Early

I am very guilty of staying up late but organizing your time so that you have at least 7-8 hours of sleep before Fajr will definitely come in handy. Especially with the long winter days now, we don’t have much of an excuse when it comes to waking up as late as 7 in the morning. That’s the time a lot of us wake up for school and work. Summers will get harder so we have to prepare ourselves the night before.

2. Set Multiple Alarms

This one helps me so much but setting up a few alarms before Fajr will help you get that satisfying feeling of hitting ‘snooze’ while also preparing yourself mentally before getting up right away. A lot of fall for the devil’s “just one more minute” trick but outsmarting the devil in advance will help you for the final alarm. Wow did I just say “outsmarting the devil?” – don’t judge, it helps me visualize my technique. 🤣

3. Reduce Electronics

Okay here I am sounding like your mother but try to leave a one hour gap with no electronics before you sleep. I usually like to read Quran or any other book or even plan out my next day in that time. Electronics give off radiation and they’ll end up just making you stay up longer.

4. Make Duaa and Intention

Even if your inner self gets the best of you, making duaa to wake up or intending to for the sake of Allah may give you that extra strength to wake up in the morning. There were a couple of times in my life where I’d forget to set my alarm or assume it was set on ‘everyday’ mode and wake up suddenly without it right around Fajr time. SubhanAllah – if you make duaa for it and intend to wake up (while also setting alarms within reason), it will help defeat your desires to sleep in.

5. Wake Those Around You

If you wake up and find your siblings/parents/friends not awake (if they’re Muslim), wake them up to pray with you (if you aren’t planning to go to the mosque). Even if they set their own alarm, it doesn’t hurt letting someone know that it’s Fajr time. Waking those around you may also encourage you to wake up so you can get good deeds for waking them up if that makes sense. You can even ask them to return the favor if they wake up before you. And if you really want to, you can make a contest to who wakes up on time first. A little competition for the sake of Allah never hurts.

6. Countdown

I find that counting down from 5 and just bolting up like Superman helps me personally. And there were times where I felt physically glued to my bed. If you ever feel like that, roll over or move a body part and the rest of your body will wake up too.

7. Distance Your Alarm/Phone Away

There’s nothing like hearing an annoying alarm and not being able to shut it off from the comfort of your bed. This personally doesn’t work with me as if it’s too far away, I’d just adjust to the sound which is a problem but setting it within reach definitely helps get the rest of your body up.

8. Seek Refuge From Shaytan

It always helps to seek refuge from the devil when you hear thoughts like “one more minute” or “I’ll do it later” start to come in. Inshallah, this will help eliminate procrastination when waking up for Fajr.

9. Consequences and Rewards

Consequence is one of the main reasons I have the energy to wake up for Fajr. I don’t want to sound discouraging but prayer is a really important pillar and helps you remember why you’re here and how you’ll be standing in front of Allah in the hereafter. There are consequences for not praying Fajr as it is a mandatory prayer. Keep in mind the rewards that will be there for you if you push your desires aside and remember the reason we were put in this world, to begin with.

10. And if all fails…

…just do it Mr.Bean style.

If you missed a couple prayers, make qadaa, ask for forgiveness (Allah is the most merciful) and wake up – not tomorrow, not after but – tonight.

What are your top tips to waking up for Fajr?

Thanks for reading.

Written by Bayance,

Canadian-Palestinian student currently living in Canada who loves to blog, write, read and basically be a grandma in her free time. She’s passionate about empowerment and justice and hopes to pursue a degree in political science in the future, and marry a Turkish actor of course (did I mention I was a Turkish drama addict?)

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  1. Great tips Bayance! 👌
    I’ve had days when I’m about to go to sleep, and when I know for certain (In sha Allah) I’ll definitely wake up for fajr but yet, I overslept.
    The most important tip that worked for me was to be sincere.
    I find it useful sometimes to talk to myself about waking up for fajr before going to sleep and say, “I’ll definitely wake up for fajr”
    So, be sincere about waking up for fajr, don’t just say to yourself: “InshaAllah, it’ll be nice if I wake up for fajr” be sincere about it, and say, “I will wake up for fajr”
    So now what I do is, read some Quran before sleep, and even though I’ve got 4 to 5 hours to sleep till fajr, I set my mind, heart and body to make sure I wake up. In sha Allah.

    1. YES I LOVE THAT! Definitely set the right intentions and be determined for Allah. It’s so easy to fall back into our blankets but the real rewards come in overcoming that and praying Fajr to start the day off right.

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