School in the High Mountains of Morocco less Boring than Yours ?
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School in the High Mountains of Morocco less Boring than Yours ?

Itto created a school in the High Mountains of Morocco in a remote place. However, this school provides such a dynamic, open and innovative program you may be amazed. Here are few words from Itto’s Journal to explain her wonderful project. 

“In 2010 my husband and I founded, with the help of our Swiss friends and many other people’s support, the social youth center campus vivant’e and elementary school école Vivante – the lively school, in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco
Our mission is to provide a place of continuous growth, education, and joy for the people of that remote valley in active exchange with people from all around the world.

Since 2007 we established école Vivante’s eclectic pedagogic concept, which is adapted to local needs and based on deep respect for the personality of every child in regard to his strengths and weaknesses. The Vivante-schools (elementary and middle school) offers a full and global formation, following the national Moroccan curriculum, based on the Islamic faith and enriched by local traditions as well as by the discovery of the whole world and other cultures.
The main focus of the education is put on the development of individual talents, on the encouragement of independence, creativity, and personal expression through the connection of theory with reality, practical work, language, and art.

The training at the campus vivant’e fosters in its students a healthy and peaceful spirit and a strong and courageous nature: rooted in the Muslim faith, in the Berber culture, but curious and eager to learn new things and to join the world in meaningful ways.

In September 2016 the middle school collège vivant’e opened it doors and currently we work on the extension of the whole project towards a place of light and growth, with chances of development for each and everybody who likes to participate and to engage in a peaceful intercultural dialogue.
The campus vivant’e is actually processed by permaculture methods and we are planning a professional-vocational training and a high school –  so, little by little, this project develops into an entire educational center, with guesthouses, a gym, and multipurpose-hall and with a leisure program for the public, inchaallah.

We developed this “lively school and campus” to encourage sustainable growth of the local population, with a very human-holistic philosophy and in a vivid exchange with people from the whole world.

  • building further programs for peaceful exchange and better citizenship worldwide, striving to become a better citizen and encouraging mutual understanding and tolerance,
  • inspiring and helping the youth develop towards their talents and dreams and being of useful service,
  • giving children, but also adults, empowerment to build a fulfilled life and future,
  • supporting leadership and courage for a change,
  • growing together with roots and wings towards new horizons,
  • creating together a world of light, love, and peace,
  • believing that everything is possible “yes, we can!”

The campus vivant’e is a pioneer project and a place of intercultural dialogue, of education, development, encouragement, and support, alhamdulillah.
It is a place where people from all different social backgrounds, of different races, faith, and languages are united. It’s here where old meets new, where traditions and customs are cultivated and where peaceful meetings between people of the whole world happen.

If you like to participate in developing the campus and in carrying out our mission to offer a place of learning, of peace-work and growth, we are happy to cooperate with you and to get your support.

Our students come from different social strata and have sometimes very poor backgrounds. Your financial help is inevitable for the existence and the operation of our schools and guarantees a high-quality education and positive chances for all the pupils at the école and college vivant’e.
We are looking for courageous people who want to be the change they wanna see in the world.
You are welcome to financially promote small objects, material or a definite project, to take over a sponsorship for a student, to support us in our operating cost coverage or to help us with a big donation in buying more land and in realizing the whole campus.

Do you want to support Itto’s school and help that community-project in the rural Atlas mountains? 

Information and donation :

Detailed information about the project:

Actual news:

Facebook: //

Bank account in Morocco:

Name of the holder: Association Vivante
Name of the bank: Attijariwafa Bank
Agence Daoudiate Marrakech (204)
Bank account number: 000204 E 000 304 846 21110
IBAN: MA007 450 000 204 5000 304 846 77

Bank accounts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland you find here
If you like, we can send you an official donation confirmation.

We sincerely thank all people, groups, and organizations for their support, encouragement, and company on the growing of the campus vivant’e!
Barak Allahu fikoum. “

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