Muslim Women in Maroon 5 music Video, are you for or against ?

Muslim Women in Maroon 5 music Video, are you for or against ?

Maroon 5 made a lot of noise with their last Music video “Girls Like You”. And for good reasons: The song features (more or less) known women including two Muslims. The question it raises is: Should Muslim women appear in this type of media?

The concept is simple. The singer, Adam Levine is singing (It’s what most singers do) in the center. The camera is turning around him revealing famous women dancing and lip-syncing. Among them Jennifer LopezCamila CabelloAly Raisman, and Ellen DeGeneres. However, the women that caught my eye are Ilhan Omar and Amani Al-Khatahtbeh. Two Muslim women with hair covered, in a Maroon 5 Music video. Wow. 

Though, it’s not the first time a Hijabi appears in a Music Video. In the Music video of “Good Times” by All Time Low, there is a young Hijabi too.

In one hand its great young Muslims feels represented, “I can see someone like me on TV” but on the other hand, the lyrics aren’t always appropriate. Should we try to fit in or should we rather stand for our values?

If the lyrics are filthy, a Muslim reaction may be to say “I’m not interested in your popularity, I don’t want people to listen to your song just because I’m in it. I’d rather be in a Deens Squad video”

However, the risk if we stay in a Muslim-friendly environment, is to appear close-minded to others. Which is bad, we have to interact with non-Muslims and share meals with them etc… So what’s the problem of being in a music video with them and at the same time representing Muslims on a worldwide media? Even if the lyrics aren’t always appropriate, we have much more to win, don’t we?

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