#METGALA2019 Modest and “Hijab-Friendly” Outfits?
LADY GAGA VOGUE © Jamie McCarthy

#METGALA2019 Modest and “Hijab-Friendly” Outfits?

Those people, don’t have the same kind of Money we have. Why on earth would I walk around dressed as a Lamp or wearing golden wings? WHY?? Amid this fixture confusion, I found some “Modest” Outfits. You May not be inspired, you may call them all crazy but it will be fun!

When I’ve heard that the theme was Camp, I was kind of surprised. I mean nobody is wearing rubber boots and Raincoats (Oh wait). I learned that camp means “Love of unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration“. To be honest, some of them were already in the theme… 

1. Jared Leto

For God sake. If I come home dressed like this my parents would have a heart attack. God Preserve them. Let’s ignore the wax head and focus on the dress. I love the layers and the beads. This red may not fit everyone. Blood-colored dresses are hard to style without looking like an evil fictional character. 

5/10 for Jared Leto and his head.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

I can’t believe the radiant little girls I grew up with became what they became. Well, at least their outfits are modest and not too “camp”. 

5/10 is not too mean.

3. Alicia Keys

A little hair and chest coverage and we’re good! She looks like a Princess. She is Elegant and natural (as always). 

We’ll go for 9/10!

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Radiant 💚👗✨ #metgala

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4. Emma Stone

Classy and Sparkly. It’s the kind of Outfit I would wear. Plus, she doesn’t have to worry about who’s walking on her dress, it didn’t require to rip out feathers of poor animals…(Hello Cardi B)


5. Gigi Hadid

Everything is Perfect: Hair is covered, the neck is covered, eyebrows are on point, eyelashes are kinda crazy but looks nice. She is Glorious. 

She deserves a 9/10

6. Hailee Steinfeld

For reasons I can’t explain I love this dress. And it seems so comfortable! 

Let’s go for 7.5/10

7. Kristen Stewart

70’s, 80’s look for Kristen Stewart. There is maybe too many sequins and sparkles on these outfits but since “Too-Much” is in the theme… It fits well together, I prefer the Kristen Stewart from Twilight though. 

a 6/10 seems great

8. Sophie Hunter

Her dress is magnificent! She doesn’t respect the theme and she doesn’t care (and she’s probably right).

7/10 for her! 

9. Liu Wen

Not too crazy, wearable for less special events. It’s like a Modern-Pocahontas look. The bow tie is too much, yes it’s for the theme, I got it. 

Let’s go with 6,5/10 

10. Lady Gaga

She looks F A BU L O U S. It’s Out of this World, It goes beyond imagination, it’s absolutely “camp” and I like it. (Yes I’m as surprised as you are) There is something that makes you dream with this first outfit. It’s emotional. If the Met Gala is an untold Fashion contest, she won the game hands down.  


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Lady Gaga - Brandon Maxwell Credit: Neilson Barnard

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11. Katy Perry

I don’t understand.

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Made a meal outta it 🍔

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And you? Which are your favorites? How would you rate them?

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