Letters to my heart #2 What about love ?
Letters to my heart

Letters to my heart #2 What about love ?

I come back here after facing personal storms and emotional winds. One day, a wise friend of mine told me that « you can learn something from books, but you can also learn by experience. » Thus, the following thoughts are coming from my 23 year-old short experience. I hope that you will enjoy and discover new things about yourself throughout these #Letters to my heart.

We are told to make choices,

We are told to face storms,

We are put in very hard situations,

But we may open our horizons,

Without being blind or looking for evasion.

Learn how to be wise?

It takes a lot to realize,

That, no matter what our choices,

We will never know what are we doing in purpose.

I came to you after facing storms,

I called along for help,

I used to cried my eyes out,

A long journey in my own to embrace peace,

And I learn that peace can’t be given to anyone,

I had to be reached with all the power of our souls,

That’s the price of serenity,

Coherence and dignity.

Inner peace require sacrifices,

True love need discipline and patience.

Oh I know, you may think that the way I use to talk about love, is not fancy or sexy at all,

but I will not apologize for wanting to go over the wall.

« If finding love is just a dance, proximity and chance, you will excuse me, if I skip the masquerade »1

I used to waste many hours, days, years and centuries, to figure out « the perfect lover »

I was used to harming my soul in order to pretend that « I am ready for love »

But real love never knocks on the doors, greeting you with « Hello » and giving you a slice of pink

chocolate cake to show itself.

Love is insidious, it came to me, a poison in my veins,

Deeply inside,


I also learnt that real love, can’t stay in place without his soulmate called « logic »

« What ? Why are you saying that the loving process is « logic » ? »

Hello again, there is no poster card to explain to you that,

Being in love is not fancy,

Magical and easy,

As it is shown in the movies?

Love is exigent, it requires a lot.

Love asks for patience,

The patience to listen,

The patience to build,

The patience to go over the time,

Love asks for discipline,

The discipline to stay truly yourself, to not change yourself to please the other,

The discipline to talk at the proper time, in the respectful way,

The discipline to build opportunities,

The discipline to go over passion and our emotional ovation.

Love also asks for introspection,

You can’t love someone without loving yourself first,

You can’t love someone without learning how to know him,

You can’t love someone without having the true motivation to build and improve the relationship that you are building.

At the same time, you can’t improve yourself and want the best for the other,

Without being able to listen to commentaries,

Without being able to face your shadows,

Without being able to accept other shadows too,

Without being able to stay strong, to argue, to persuade, to demonstrate,

And sometimes to show your vulnerability,

Your weaknesses,

With honesty and sincerity.

After the emotions and logic are met,

We have to remember what can the purpose of love be?

However, we will talk about that in the next article.

And you?

What do you feel?



« What about love?

What about trust?

What about us?

We are problems that need to be solved

We are children that need to be loved. »2

1« Waiting in the weeds » – The Eagles (2012)

2« What about us? » – Pink (2017)

Written by Radjaa Ab,

French media sociology student, passionate about cultural studies and who had the chance to travel to China and UK. She wants to share with you some reflections and analyses.
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WordPress: //plumedamethyste.wordpress.com
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