Letters to My Heart #1 Tell your heart to beat again
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Letters to My Heart #1 Tell your heart to beat again

« Yesterday is a closin’ door,

You don’t live there anymore

Say goodbye the way you been

And tell your heart to beat again »1

When we are young, we learn how to take a shower, how to tidy our rooms and to take care of our stuff. Yet, as we grow up, we learn how to take care of our loved ones like friends and family.

And then, time goes by, and we have to care for our career, our life-goals, and so on.

But, we never learn how to take care of our hearts.

Why the hearts matter the most?

Because we are human beings and the heart is the core of ourselves. It’s the center of our body where the energy come from, physically and spiritually each time the energy pulses.

Why doesn’t society let us take care of it? Why is speaking about our emotions mainly viewed as a weakness ? « Wow girl, you are too intuitive, too affective. »

And what if, it is the world that is in lack of love and sweetness?

I think that it is easier to cut ourselves off from our emotions than to accept them and allow them to live within us. Living with our emotions means to manage them and to stay open enough to listen to them.

What if, our emotions, instead of making us weak, can lead us to become stronger?

What if our hearts can pulse again and give all of us, spiritually and physically hope and energy?

« Yes we can girl! »

But, it will not be easy. So how can we do that. How can we learn it? How can we do it properly?

How can we learn to go deeper, beyond our fears, into our hearts?

In this #1Letters To My Heart, I will not only share with you about what I read in books. I will also add my own little life-experiences too.

We will speak from hearts to hearts and I hope that my writings will be useful to you.

The aim is for me to share my feelings deeply and honestly about how I learn to accept and manage them. And I hope you will find in it some scope of hope and maybe a way to find your own inner peace too.

I’m not a real journalist, I am not an international writer, I am not a professor.

I don’t know more than you.

I am just an intuitive and sensitive woman who wants to share her #HeartBeats and leave her #heartprint to the world.

I don’t want your money,

I don’t want to become famous,

I just want to find the inner peace

And to inspire you enough to make you find yours easier.

So It’s time, to take care of our hearts.

If we don’t do it now, who will do it for us?

It’s time to consider and pay attention to our hearts and to learn how to handle it with kindness.

It’s time to feel love and express it in a respectful way.

It’s time to recover and to love yourself.

It’s time to …

#1Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.

Honestly and deeply yours,

Radjaa Ab.

1 Tell Your Heart To Beat Again by Danny Gokey 

Written by Radjaa Ab,

French media sociology student, passionate about cultural studies and who had the chance to travel to China and UK. She wants to share with you some reflections and analyses.
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