Korean Drama & Body Image, Is Beauty Really Invisible? by Addeena Dzakwan​
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Korean Drama & Body Image, Is Beauty Really Invisible? by Addeena Dzakwan​

So this weekend I was watching a Korean Drama – My ID is Gangnam Beauty. The drama follows a female lead who is very conscious of her physical appearance. Due to this, she starts to grade the faces of those around her while at the same time believing that even after her plastic surgery, many people still see her as the face that she was before her surgery which is not true and that they are not seeing her new appearance. This show has many moral values, that sometimes makes us as the viewer,  connect with the main character as we can see many similarities between her life and ours.

This drama depicts that in our everyday lives, we are constantly being compared, in terms of beauty and our physical appearance. To which it becomes burdensome – for the ugly and even for the pretty.

While watching the drama, the following picture, is the part which totally struck my heart.

This scene is between two of the seniors where the female is getting irritated because everyone around her is constantly telling her to lose weight. While watching this scene I could totally relate. I even cried, to be honest. I honestly liked that the guy came to console her because he felt that she is pretty just the way that she is.

We soon start to believe the things that we hear everyday because they are always being repeated by everyone, which leads us to believe that we need to change, even though we know that we have so much more to show other than our physical appearance and beauty.

I once used to vomit out the food that I ate because I believed that this was the only way to lose weight. I pushed myself so hard to maintain my physical appearance that I developed minor depression. I even tried to jump from level 14 of my University. I am so vulnerable that I can’t bring myself to smile and live the life as usual. Yeah, who knew that simple words like ‘losing weight’ could bring so much damage on someone’s life, huh?

There is one quote from the drama which I like,

“I liked scents because of their beauty that can’t be seen.”

It sounded so true and so beautiful.

It’s so sad that people will only focus on your appearance, despite the achievements that you have. We all need a world that doesn’t judge, a world which doesn’t discriminate. Can we all find ‘beautiful’ in something that doesn’t need physical judgment?

Written by Addeena Dzakwan, The Hijabie Pharmacist,

Full-time Community Pharmacist from Malaysia

Her blog: //thehijabispharmacist.wordpress.com

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