How to have fun NOT in front of a screen
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How to have fun NOT in front of a screen

When you think of “games” the first thing that pops up to your head is probably a video game or a candy crush screen, right? There are many ways to have a lot of fun not in front of a screen, though. Trust me interacting with people or taking time for yourself will build unforgettable memories and notably Increase your creativity and confidence level. Ready? Go!

Screens are separating us from each other. We should have more social interaction rather than hiding behind Instagram and Snapchat filters. We act the best when we are free from the pressure of being pretty and always happy. The best moments of your life may not be recorded, and it’s okay. The feeling that you got out of it cannot be recorded anyways.  

1. Pictionary

The rules are simple: You have to think of a word (or pick one in a box of choices you’ll make before), tell your partner if it’s a phrase, an object or a person/place/animal. Then draw it and the people you’re playing with have to guess what it is.

To make it more fun you shall time the game and make teams. Jimmy Fallon plays it on the Tonight Show and I guarantee you that they have a lot of fun.

2. Charades

Another game similar to Pictionary (also played by Jimmy Fallon) is Charades. If you want to improve your acting game effortlessly this is for you. The rules are the same except instead of drawing your guess you act it out. You can make teams and time it like Jimmy Fallon or play it all together. It’s a good game for parties, family gathering and to keep kids in one place.

3. Dressing Up Creatively

This one is not played on the Tonight Show but it definitely should be. You can do this alone or with friends but in both cases, you’ll have a lot of fun! Create your own runaway and dress up like you never did before. No need to buy new clothes, just pair them in a way you never did before: Upside down, stripes on stripes, skirt as dresses, training suits with high heels. Trust me there are so many possibilities that you never tried and you may actually wear one of them to go out!

You can do the same thing with make-up! Or do both for a perfect from head to toe runaway. Also, you can dress like the actor of your choice and lip sync on any musicals of your choice.  Anyone nostalgic of Grease?

4. Dancing

Turn on the music and lip sync or sing along with it and that’s it!

It may be hard for you to dance in front of many people but who says that in the privacy of your room, you won’t become the next Michael Jackson? Put your headphones on and let it go!



5. Drawing

If you want to chill out and feel more peaceful, drawing or coloring will please you. Mandalas are a good way to start. You may see it as a waste of time, but it will help you take a step back and re-focus on your goals. On top of that, you’ll be proud of the final result! You may become as talented as Asmahan A. Mosleh in your own way.

6. Origami

As surprising as it may sound I found myself doing and teaching origami on many occasions. People are often curious and mesmerized by those figures. Learn to do them and do them often. Someday you’ll find one of those figures and it will bring back to your memories that will draw a smile on your face. It will be like a piece of your life you stole from the past.

The most famous origami is without a doubt the Orizuru, the paper crane. But why? It represents the Japanese red-crowned crane. In the Japanese believe it wings carried the souls to paradise.

Learn to do the Orizuru here: //

If you don’t know what to do on a rainy day, if you’re looking for ideas to make the perfect birthday party or if you’re just bored, I hope this will make your day. 

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