How to eat like a Lady in 10 lessons
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How to eat like a Lady in 10 lessons

 I was attending an important event and I ordered a sandwich. What I didn’t know is that it was a GIANT messy sandwich. It’s useless to mention that I had to eat it with fork and knife. Oh Boy. The Sandwich fell horizontally on my plate and I ate it piece by piece. It was a real mess. In the end, I was so concentrated trying to eat my sandwich properly that I didn’t participate in the conversation. This will never happen to me again and I’ll make sure it will not happen to you either. Here are my 10 tips to eat like a lady!

1. Anticipate

  • If you have allergies or things that you can’t eat tell your host in advance.
  • Check the restaurant in advance. If they have their menu online, start choosing what you would have.


2. To Start With

  • Make sure you sit straight and that you’re not to close or too far away from your table. You have to be comfortable. Then, unfold your napkin and place it in your lap.
  • Personal Item such as purses and Smartphones should not be on the table. That is non negotiable. 
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3.  Think

  • Your bread should be on your left and your drink(s) on your right. 
  • Don’t use your personal cutlery to take something from the tray. Use the one coming with it. 
  • Wait until everyone is served before eating. 
  • If you have red lipstick on, make sure you rub it with a tissue to not look like Mr Popo at the end of the meal.

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4. Eat

  • To know which cutlery using first use the “outside-in” rule: Use the cutlery the farthest from your plate first. 
  • Never use the knife when you’re eating pasta and know that spoon is for soup and dessert only.
  • If you want to cut something use your right hand and then switch with your fork. You can place your knife on the top of your plate. 

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5. Be a Good Guest 

  • Always pass salt and pepper together.
  • Never add salt or pepper to your meal if you haven’t tasted it first. It may hurt the feelings of your host.



6. Leaving the Table

  • If you wanna leave the table temporarily, put the napkin on your chair.
  • If you have something stuck in your teeth it’s more polite to apologize and go to the bathroom to remove it. Even if you’re using a toothpick use it in the bathroom and don’t keep it in your mouth.



7. Communication.

  • If it’s a formal meal make sure you checked the news before coming. You have to be aware of what happened to not be out of the conversation.
  • Be a listener more than a speaker.
  • Eat with your mouth closed and don’t talk while you’re eating.


8. The End

  • At the end of the meal, place your fork and knife in parallel with the handles pointing at 4 O’clock.
  • Check that your fork and knife are centered on the plate so if the staff take your plate the cutlery will not fall.
  • Make eye contact with the waiter to indicate that you have finished. Don’t wave your hand or anything just with your eyes.

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9. Leaving the Dining Room for Another One

  • Your host may fold his napkin and invite you for an after-dinner coffee.
  • Wait until the host raises to do so.

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10. Time to Go.

  • Your invitation may specify a time for the end of the meal. Don’t stay too long.
  • If you want to go. Tell your host that you’re leaving discreetly and be quick and cordial.


The secret to eat huge sandwiches is to not order them. Seriously if it’s a formal dinner order something that you know.  However, if you have to eat one, cut it in half and flatten it before eating it. Or if you are a pro, cut it into small pieces. (It’s sometimes impossible for a human being)

I recommend the playlist “Stop Eating it Wrong” by Zagat if you want to know how to eat each meal :

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