How to buy cheaper Lush, Asos etc… products ?
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How to buy cheaper Lush, Asos etc… products ?

I’ll give you the best tip ever. If you like Lush products as much as I do, if you can smell the presence of a Lush shop from a significant distance, you’ll be more than happy to learn that trick. As far as I know, it works for Asos too. If you know other shops, for whom it works also, feel free to comment below!

The tip to buy less expensive Lush products is to buy them on the UK website. You’ll have to pay a more expensive shipping cost but it’s still way cheaper! On top of that, you have more choices. (As you can see below the alcohol-free version doesn’t exist in Europe and in the US.)

However, you may have to buy two to three products, at least, for it to be profitable.

Ocean Salt12,95 €/120g$21.95/4,2 oz£8.95/120g
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving
Ocean Salt Alcohol-Free £7,25/120g
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving & Alcohol-Free
Shipping cost (Up to 1kg)9,11€6,82$3,95£

Sorry for the people living in the UK it doesn’t work for you. You’re lucky enough to have the cheapest price and the cheapest shipping cost already!

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