Hilarious Ramadan Memes & Tweets 2019

Hilarious Ramadan Memes & Tweets 2019

All Muslims around the World could probably relate to the situations below. Family Gathering, more food than the table can support, Non-muslims questions and so on. I agree Ramadan is not only about the food. The fact that we understand the jokes below is the proof, Ramadan nurture living together. 

1. God Bless Dishwashers

2. This one will make your Day

3. Chaï addicts?

4. You’re crazy

5. Next tweet: “Just Found a pair of Jordan outside the mosque #blessed”


7. I feel for you…

8. You need New friends

9. Who Here get ready for Suhoor??

10. Keep It Halal

11. That Hurts

12. “Not Even Water?”

13. This One is Insane

14. OutSmart Me if you can

15. In love with Prayer

16. Women are FBI agents

17. True

18. Probably Still Eating

19. And they’re the one complaining

20. My Uterine Mucosa is Tearing Apart, Questions?  

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Mind your own business. Thank you😌

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