#HijabiesStories Funny & Embarrassing moments
HIjabies Funny and Embarrassing Moments

#HijabiesStories Funny & Embarrassing moments

What’s the funniest/Most Embarrassing moment of your life as a Hijabie? Here are some hilarious answers, Contact us to share yours! 

Story #1: At the Salon

“This week, a client called the salon I’m working at temporarily to try and get me fired for wearing hijab. The lady claimed that she was “concerned” for me and wished that I could have the freedom to be glamorous like my clients. The owner of the salon told her that she respects my choice to wear whatever I choose just like she respects the client’s choice to stop coming to the salon. I work with Christian and Atheist women but they all stood up for me and supported me. The client, in particular, got a call from her stylist (my coworker) who proceeded to educate her on hijab and Islam. She also let her know that it is my own personal choice to wear hijab and that no one would dare try to make me do something I don’t want to do. In the end, the client said she had a lot to think about, but she is no longer welcome back at the salon.”


Story # 2: Act Cool

“At my previous university, I was taking a women’s only PE class which is taught by a female instructor in a closed space, so hijabis are free to remove their headscarves. On one of the days, we had two instances of guys entering the room from confusion and it was very entertaining seeing everyone shoo them out. When it happened the next time, we got an unconventional piece of advice from a friend who said, “Everybody act cool. They won’t know that you’re a hijabie since they haven’t seen you without the scarf.” Twisted logic, but it seemed to work



Story #3: “Get Lost”

“Here’s the funniest moment I remember. This was a year ago and during Ramadan. Some nights me, my mom and my sisters, we go and pray at the mosque.

One night we all were gathering up in a circle at the sister’s side of the mosque before the prayer because my sister had to adjust her hair under the hijab. And then enters a young man to the sister’s side of the mosque. I was the one that caught my eyes on him first.

My sister has very long hair which is not very easy to tie up in seconds. Unlike me. Once he started walking towards us, my mom went to him and asked him in a very polite tone. “This is the sister’s side of the mosque, my dear.”

And then suddenly her voices raised a little and she yelled at the man. “Get lost” Her actions was as if she was driving a cat away.


Story #4: It’s Human Nature

“It’s about 1 and half years back I was teaching at High school. In that school, it was compulsory to wear hijab and I wasn’t habitual of it.  Initially, I didn’t wear but when the principal coaxed a lot I wore. Since that day, I haven’t taken it out in any way when going outside. It has become my life and I feel so liberating. Thanks to the school and that principle.  Although mum used to wear it I wasn’t paying heed towards it. Because in school it was compulsory it transformed my habit. it’s human nature unless it becomes compulsory and someone put pressure we take it lightly. I am happy now.



Story #5: Boys and Hijabies=Trouble

“I went to a wedding in UAE for a distant relative with my parents. It was divided into girl and boy sections – boys on the main ballroom and girls in the high ballroom. As soon as the men left after the traditional dabka, we girls removed our hijabs and started dancing with the bride. We got back to our seats and started talking to other family members when the groom made an announcement to come in. We put on our scarves and didn’t think much of it because he was just going to come in once or twice, right? Wrong. I kid you not, he came in every 5 minutes like it was absolutely ridiculous. And the most awkward part is, when I went to get food from the GIRLS ONLY buffet, I see the groom right in my face!! Alhamdulillah, I had my hijab around my neck and quickly put it on but the groom was playing Clash Royale right in front of the girl’s room. What is he doing?! It’s his wedding day and all he wants to is follow his bride around? I get it but it just made us girls super uncomfortable and the times I had to put my hijab back on like Usain Bolt were countless. I hope they’re a happy couple and that Allah shower blessings upon their new family but I thought I’d share this funny story. So if you’re getting married with a boys and girls separation, please tell the boys to not barge in every two seconds. And most certainly do not linger in front of the girl’s room playing Clash Royale. ” 

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