Hijab from My Eyes
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Hijab from My Eyes

Religion is a heated topic that we can never shy away from. In fact, it is one of my favourite topics to favoritet with people I share a close vibe with. Yes, we’re about to discuss about the identity to a Muslim woman – hijab. I have read a fair share of views of others about hijab and women but tonight, I want to have a chat with you about how I feel as a Muslim woman with a hijab

First and foremost, I have to say that I am eternally grateful for the opportunity given by Allah for me to don the hijab as a symbol of Islam without much tests, unlike some of my sisters living in other parts of the world. Learning this fact has allowed me to understand and appreciate the hijab better. 

By right, you are supposed to put on hijab as soon as you hit puberty, pardon me if I’m wrong but I did not. Alhamdulilah again, my parents did plant the thought in my mind but they gave me the choice to do it only when I am ready to commit. Perhaps, their point is simple, they did not want me to wear it, regret the choice and remove it. Most importantly, they told me to do it for the sake of Allah. I eventually did when I was 21. It was revolutionary for me. I was influenced by a friend, whom I’m grateful for. She shared lectures, videos and quotes 

Here, I am sharing the life-changing lecture that helped me a lot: Why don’t you wear the hijab?

Moving forward, I am thankful that Allah has guided me to choose such a decision because to be contented with what you choose is indeed heart warming. I’m sure you can relate it as well. That is why I have never felt like it is a task or it’s troublesome for me to live up to the glorious tag linked to ‘hijab’.


I chose to put on the hijab and with that, I know that there are a million tests out there for me to jump across and they are laid to push me to be a better person each day. It is all for the sake of Allah. I had it pretty easy but there were tests too when I don the hijab. People were telling me that I look better without hijab and of course, taunts were no less. I had a tough time adjusting for the first month. It felt like everyone’s eyes were on you and you feel like an alien because of a piece of cloth over your head. That’s when I began to learn that no, maybe I should understand the meaning behind this cloth. Only then I will love it even more. 

That’s when I started to shift towards Islamic based novels. That’s another life changing decision I made. I know I love to read so I used that method to pull me closer to my Creator, Allah swt. And then, I fell in love. I fell in love with this cloth that I have decided to use it as my identity. I want to be known because of it. I want to be known as a strong Muslim woman and what’s better than this? 

To be very honest with you readers, I have always seen the hijab as an opportunity for me to grow and improve. Let’s take a look at it from this perspective. I have been to job interviews and I have been turned down because I wear the hijab and all of that but I always tell myself to work harder and be as positive as I can be. 

So to my fellow sisters who are standing at a crossroad, here’s what I want to tell you: Don’t be afraid of what’s out there for you. Allah knows what you are going through right now and He is there for you. Always. Rain or shine, reach out to Him. Cry out to Him when you feel it is too much for you to handle. He will help you. Never let anyone steal this identity from you because it is tailored just for you. For us. We are a family and never feel you are alone. You have all my love and prayers. And I pray that Allah will make it easy for us to go through this together. Ameen. 

Till we ‘meet’ in the next post. Take care sisters! Much love.

Written by Nasheerah,

Writer by chance. Dreamer by choice. As darkness embraces the sky, I pour my feelings out through words that will bring me on a journey of a thousand miles.  

Her blog: nasheerahsalim.wordpress.com

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