Hair Care Under Hijab, Pharmacist Tips
Hijabie with Hair Showing

Hair Care Under Hijab, Pharmacist Tips

Being in hijab does not mean that a Muslimah should neglect her hair totally. Even while on hijab, hair care must be maintained to avoid hair-related diseases such as hair loss problems, dandruff problems or parasitic hair infection.

Just how you care for your hair when you are not in hijab, it’s also the same while you’re on one. So to ensure on good hair care for hijabis, let’s follow these five simple tips I’ve got for us! 

1. Practices on good hijab care.

Make sure to change your under-scarf regularly as it dirties easily. Dandruff and dusts can get collected to the under-scarf and once it gets in contact with your hair, it can damage them easily. Also, put on your under-scarf loosely. Tight under-scarf will block blood circulation to your scalp and hair. If possible, use under-scarf that does not need to be tied up as it may cause your hair to get caught in the knot and get snagged or pulled.

2. Never wear hijab on with your hair wet

This is the most taboo thing you should be doing. Wearing a hijab with wet hair makes your hair un-breathable, in simple words, you’re suffocating them. Allow your hair to dry well before putting on your hijab. Allowing your hair drying in hijab will cause your hair to be flat and limp. You may even end up with headaches by doing so. Dampness will also cause odor and scalp itchiness. If you need to shampoo your hair before going off to work, then you can opt to dry shampoo. Dry shampoo keeps your hair refreshed and clean and is a good option especially when you are a frequent traveller.

3. Do not tie your hair too tightly while on hijab

Tying your hair too tight will cause disturbance for blood to flow through your scalp. This may lead to scalp dryness and itchiness or even hair breakage. Use a snag-free material to tie your hair as it is less likely to pull and snag your hair causing it to break or pull the strands of your hair. If possible, keep your hair loose under-scarf while on your hijab.

4. Put on some hair serum or hair oil

There are many types of hair serum available in the drugstores; you just have to find one that fits you. Hair serum or hair oil helps your scalp gets all the nutrients it needs and helps to prevent hair loss and hair breakage. It also helps to avoid your scalp from dried up and flaky, and give your hair the healthy and shine effects it needs. Bonus, it gives your hair the nice smells too!

5. Let your hair breathe

After several hours of putting on your hijab, make sure to let your hair breathe properly. Let your hair opened up and run your fingers through it. Give it some simple massage to help some circulation going. Depending on our different lifestyles, some might have to wear hijab for almost 12 hours, so whenever you’re at home, try to maximize the time for your hair to be free, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Written by Addeena Dzakwan, The Hijabie Pharmacist,

Full-time Community Pharmacist from Malaysia

Her blog: //

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  1. OOOPS – guilty. guilty. guilty. Putting on hijab after a shower or swim is the worsttt and it makes my hair and hijab smell like bdughskhisljk. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  2. This is great read and loved all the tips mentioned here. 👌
    I may have sometimes skipped a couple of them at times of rush.
    But anyway, this read gave me the motivation to be more careful with my hair. Which is greeeaaatt! 😁
    Loved reading this!

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