Disability & Islam
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Disability & Islam

As a Muslimah living with a disability. Today, I want to write a little about how the Prophet (SAW) treated people with disabilities.

Greeting Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum (radi’allahu an) with respect and humility, the Prophet (SAW) designated him as the Leader of Madinah many times in his own absence. As far as the Prophet (SAW) was concerned, Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum’s blindness was not a barrier in his ability to carry out his duties.

Similarly, the case of Julaybib (radi’allahu an), another companion of the Prophet ( SAW) he was described as being small grown – dwarf-like in appearance. While many people in Madinah had made him an outcast, the Prophet (SAW), instead approached a family to give their beautiful daughter as a bride for Julaybib.
(Source: Sahih Muslim)

The Prophet (SAW) made people with disabilities feel welcome in society, his behavior towards disabled people is an example we all should be following. Some Muslim communities (including mine alhamdulillah) are great and make people with disabilities feel welcome and treat them equally. But unfortunately, there are still some who are faced with some sort of bullying and barriers from within their own Muslim communities.

I see a lot of people who are involved in Dawah who talk about a number of important issues (i.e hijab, haram relationships) but no one really talks about the disabled and how they should be treated. Why? I personally think our Muslim communities lack disability awareness.

So, if you come across a person with a disability on your way to work, in school or even if your out shopping, don’t just stand and stare instead hold the door open for them or just smile, you never know your smile might just make their day. 

Jareer ibn Abdullah reported: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said,

“Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to the people.”

(Source: Sahih Bukhari)

Written by Zara,

A twenty-something-year-old nature-loving, spider dreading muslimah.

Her blog: //zarawritesz.wordpress.com/

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