Best Ramadan Memes (20+) 😂
Simpson meme

Best Ramadan Memes (20+) 😂

Ramadan is the month in which the Quran came down. During this month Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Don’t worry, they certainly wouldn’t get bored.

1. Oh Boy.


2. “But she’s my bestie…”


3. That Which Must Not Be Named

4. “Fake it till you make it”


5. Typical


6. Always Ready You Shall Be

7. Huge Disappointment


8. Cursing is Not Cool.


9. Do You Have the Same?


10. It’s What They All Say.


11. Not Bad


12. Kids Don’t Fast Anyway


13. How About Now? 😏


14. Nope

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15. Sorry Google


16. How Dare You!

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17. You’ll Get Dates They Said

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18. But I’m Sikh

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19. What a Feeling!

20. It’s Time to Stop Because…

21….Eid is Coming!

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