20 reasons why you’ll miss Eid Al-Fitr in memes!​
Ramadan memes

20 reasons why you’ll miss Eid Al-Fitr in memes!​

Eid Mubarak to all of you! May your life be full of joy and happiness. May you become closer and closer to your purposes and may you become the person you’re dreaming about. I could write a whole article (book?) to wish you the best but it’s not my goal today. I’d rather come back on those little things that make Eid Special to all of us.

1. That’s Why it’s Called a Fast…#Badjoke


2. Handshake Often Followed by “Don’t Tell Your Brother”


3. God Bless the First Coffee After Ramadan. Feels Like a Resurrection.

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4. Things Come in Order.


5. Eid Rhymes With Food.



6. When Shaytan Can’t Do His Job.

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7. Now You Know.

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Substance? 😂💜#eidmubarak #eidmemes

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8. The Guide

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9. Raise Your Hand if You’re Not a Kid But You Still Have Hope.


10. Oh Boy. Thinking About All the Moments You Missed is Worse Than Actually Missing Them.


11. The Famous Eid-Hugs


12. Kids Raise More Money in a Day Than I do in a Month. Give to the Poor They Say.


13. We Take the Same and We Do it Again


14. Cancel the Moon for My Eid Photos. No Snapchat Filter is Strong Enough for Eid Pimples.


15. Going Eid Shopping Like


16.When You Findd the Perfect Outfit 


17. Money Money Money


18. What’s the Point?


19. When You Remember You Can Eat at Any Time


20. Eid-al-Adha is Coming With His Own Struggles.

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