20+ Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up How Hijabies Feels
Hijabie comics

20+ Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up How Hijabies Feels

Muslim artists have illustrated some of their daily struggles in comics. It’s brilliant, funny and absolutely relatable. You’ll realize that you’re not the only one to embarrass yourself while checking your hijab in a car window, before noticing that there are actual people in the car, or that there are other people out there who can relate to how much you love pizza. These 20 comics will make you feel less alone about everyday situations in life.

1. Focus on Your Dreams 


2. “As Your Sister, I Have to Tell You…


3. There is Nothing More Embarrassing Than This.


4. The End.


5. Dream vs Reality


6. “Luff Choo” is the New Love You


7. Big Head Don’t Care


8. Who Can Relate?


9. “Squish, Squish”?


10. Great…


11. Essence is invisible to the eyes


12. Sleeping-Until-Fajr Beauty


13. Aladdin & Jasmines Father & Jasmine


14. Beauty is Deceptive They Said


15. Sorry not Sorry


16. All The Time


17. Can’t Take My Eyes off of You


18. Story Of My Life


19. Living the Adult Life Like a Kid


20. Cookies & Calories


21. “Aren’t you hot in This?”


22. #MicDrop


I hope that I can count on you to follow these artists and share their work.

Thank you to @muslimcomics for allowing us to discover new artists and giving us new reasons to laugh.

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