10 Struggles Every Hijabies Can Relate To
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10 Struggles Every Hijabies Can Relate To

Being a Hijabie is not easy. This article can testify. However, it’s one more reason to laugh and feel closer to each other. We’re all in this together! 

1. Crumbs Obsession

That moment when your hijab transform into a crumb tray. Well, I’m talking about crumbs but god only knows what else can be found in here


2. Using Earbuds is a Lifetime Struggle

For real. That’s why I use headphones.



3. When a Guy Tries to Welcome You



4. Owning 202,432 Scarfs But Wearing the Same Every Day

Or the same model in different colors. (black, grey or light grey for sunny days)


5. Wind.

A wind that could blow off the horns of the local bulls. Scottish girls know what I’m talking about.



6. Rain.

Nope. Hijabs aren’t waterproof. 

7. Matching Lipstick With Your Scarf



8. Bad Hijab Days

No hijabi cares about bad hair day, you’ll fix it at home later, but bad hijab day…Oh boy! “I swear I’m not going out today”

Source : //www.reddit.com/r/Hijabis/comments/rw1bm/brothers_have_bad_beard_days_sisters_have_bad/


9.Your Face When You’re “Randomly” Selected Again at the Airport

What you say: “Sure” 

What you’re actually thinking: “Whaaaaat ?? Me again! Leave me alone, I only have food and scarfs in my bag”



10. The pain is Real…

And you? What’s the biggest struggle you had? Tell us in the comment section below! 


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  1. People looking at you, asking questions like are you born Muslim, thinking you’re a terrorist, have no brain and most white people here in South Africa giving you bad looks like why you left us and went on to be one of them Muslims.
    My great grandmother embraced Islam, Anna Botha. Many people around the world revert back to Islam. People should be clued up, up to date on all aspects.
    Don’t expect others to be or do what you’d like. Be courteous, respectful and accepting of everyone’s differences.
    Thats what Nelson Mandela wanted for our country. We are known as the rainbow nation.
    We have so many Muslims here on South Africa from all over the world, amalgamated!
    Will post pics of all the different styles of scarf styles and clothing available from flea markets to shops.

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