10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Faith
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10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Faith

It is a known fact that we humans go through various phases of high and lows throughout life. Some days, we have those lovely moments that make us feel so contented and thankful, while other days we face turbulence in our paradise. Consequently, we feel a knot in our stomach, we start over-thinking a situation or worrying about what is happening or what if things don’t get better. It is during such troubled moments that we tend to find our faith weakening. We, as Muslims, are strong believers of Tawakkul, yet we fail to comprehend to that emotion, even though we truly want to.

To tackle such times of doubtfulness, here are 10 simple ways to boost your faith. Scroll on and try to incorporate them in your routine so that no rough patch is sufficient enough to scar your soul.

1. Remind yourself that everything is temporary

Every single day, keep reminding yourself that everything that you have and everything that happens with you is temporary. Whether it is good or bad, it will not stay for long. Be thankful for the good and enjoy it while it lasts, and for the bad, pray for it to get better. Train your heart and mind to give yourself over to the will of Allah. Avoid over-thinking a situation and just remember that Allah said in the Quran that He doesn’t burden a soul more than it can bear. So, rely upon Him with full confidence for all your matters big and small.

2. Pray 5 times and extra

When you pray, make sure to do it with all trust in Allah, that He will grant you what you are asking for if it is good for you. Make sure to say your mandatory prayers five times a day, and also make an effort to pray extra for the sake of pleasing the Almighty as well as to soothe your heart. You will notice that when you put your trust in Allah, you will be bestowed upon with strength and patience to get you through easily. Pray with the belief that no one can take away what Allah has destined to give you, and no one can give you what Allah has destined to withhold from you. Believe that Allah knows best.

3. Attempt to learn more about religion

One of the best ways to give your faith a boost is to learn more about our wonderful religion. Learn about Islamic history by reading up stories of the prophets. Go through different Ahadith and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who is the perfect guide to become a good Muslim. Recite the Quran with translation so that you can understand its meaning and find solutions for your doubts in the divine book. Nonetheless, like praying is a direct way of talking to the Creator, reciting His book is like Allah talking to you through His beautiful verses. Furthermore, read the 99 names of Allah, they are so beautiful and soothing. Each name is a solution to different situations.

4. Make a list of things you are thankful for

Jotting down a gratitude list for the things you have been blessed with so far is a great reminder of how Allah loves you unconditionally despite your sins and wrongdoings. It can be anything and everything, from waking up in the morning, good health, great food, your loved ones, a cozy home, education, car, or a well-paid job. Whatever you have, be thankful for it. Feeling grateful for the tiniest of things is sure to shoot your faith up. You have no Idea how much Allah blesses you with every single day, and you will only realize it when you make a note of it and see that how many others simply pray for a life like yours. Your blessings may be ordinary to you, but it a dream for many others.

5. Make a list of your wrongdoings

If you can make a list of things that you are thankful of, there is no shame is creating a list of the wrongs you feel you have committed till date, things that you aren’t proud of and probably regret doing so. You don’t have to be vocal about this one, it is just for your own reference, to realize your wrongs and make an effort to correct it for the sake of Allah. This too can consist of anything, from misbehaving with your elders, skipping a prayer, an unacceptable interaction with the opposite sex, belittling someone, backbiting, or something smaller like wasting water. Once you are done with jotting down the points, start repenting and begging Allah for forgiveness with pure intentions. Promise yourself for not repeating any one of the listed wrongs, for it is probably that feeling of guilt that has become a reason for your low faith.

6. Perform good deeds

Believe in the truth that the more good you do, the more it will come back to you in unexpected ways. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but little efforts of making someone happy. Be kind and helping to a stranger, smile at people, volunteer at a charity drive or animal shelter, feed the homeless, and help the poor in any way that you can. Doing good for someone else has never felt bad, has it? Moreover, doing good will not only make others feel grateful, but it will also give you sheer happiness for being able to be of help in any way. Besides, when the good finds its way back to you someday, your faith will only be strengthened. Just make sure that you keep away from what is prohibited by Allah even if it makes someone else happy.

7. Reflect on your purpose of life

Have you ever reflected on the purpose of your existence? You should, especially if you want to feel more connected to Allah. Just contemplate in between prayers or after praying, think about how forgiving and merciful Allah has been since blessing you this life. Remind yourself of His generosity even during the times you didn’t deserve it. Remember the numerous times He has helped you rise above a difficult situation without you having to pray much for it. Reflect on whether you are worthy of His blessings and how you can become a better Muslim than you already are.

8. Surround yourself with faithful friends

One reason you might be feeling low on faith is because of the people you have surrounded yourself with. Maybe they aren’t supportive enough. You see, mankind is soft and absorbent like a sponge. We, humans, tend to absorb the positivity and negativity that we choose to surround ourselves with, so why not create a faithful circle of friends instead of thriving amidst the wrong choices? Surely, a faithful being can inspire you to increase your faith too, or you would at least remain steadfast in your trust in Allah instead of losing it while interacting too much with people that generate negative energies.

9. Forgive everyone who has wronged you

Believe it or not, letting go of a hurtful past and forgiving all those who have wronged you in some way or the other, is an amazing way to restore your low faith and feel at peace with yourself. Forgive them, and be thankful for the lessons they have taught you. Forgive yourself too, for the wrongs you have done to someone, and ask Allah for forgiveness with the promise that you won’t ever repeat what has bygone. Also, remember that once you have forgiven someone, you are not to hold any resentment for them in your hearts. Free yourself from that burden. Put your trust only in Allah and live in the present moment.

10. Make some alterations in your routine

Each morning you wake up, remind yourself that today is a new chapter of your life and you have to write it as best as you can. Strive to walk along the path that Allah likes. Be as humble as you can and make slight alterations to your daily routine. Try to think differently than you usually do. How? You can start by putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and treating them the way you would like to be treated yourself. Do things that make you happy and which are in line with the teachings of religion. Be spiritual – read an extra page of the Quran, wake up for the Tahajjud prayer, or do anything else that brings you closer to Allah. This world is your temporary abode; prepare yourself for a beautiful hereafter by surrendering completely to the will of the Almighty.

There you go! Boosting your faith isn’t too difficult, is it? So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin today!

Written by Zara Fahad

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